“A measurable response to treatment”

After all the anxiety and uncertainty of the last couple of months I am very delighted to report that Pembro is working.

My first scan result, since starting this treatment in May, shows that the tumour that was causing all the trouble has reduced from 2.8cm to 1.5cm with some signs of necrosis at the centre. I have never been so happy to be told that I’m a little bit dead inside.

So I get to fully enjoy Oscar’s final few days of primary school (whilst revelling in the miracle that I’m here to see it), we get to book a summer holiday plus I get a lovely long summer hanging out with my boys. I also carry on with 3 weekly treatments and right now life feels very very good and very precious.

“A measurable response to treatment”

2 thoughts on ““A measurable response to treatment”

  1. Corinne Sadeghi says:

    Lucy I am soo pleased & delighted for you- wow what amazing news.
    Well done with all the positive thoughts and your determination not to be beaten or defined by your illness.
    I can hear your delight knowing you have the summer ahead to be with your boys- hurrah for you!
    Happy days.Xxx


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