Melanoma – the gift that just keeps on giving!

It goes without saying that I’d much rather be writing a happy cheery good news post about my latest scan but sadly it’s not to be. To my great sadness it seems that my miraculous treatment has once again run out magic and one of the tumours in the lymph nodes has grown.

It’s been over a year since my last treatment so for once I’m not shocked by the bad news but I’m terribly disappointed. It’s hard not to hope that the treatments I’ve already had will be more durable but it clearly isn’t the case for me. I’m just going have to keep throwing more treatments at this bastard of a cancer.

The plans is as yet undecided as it turns out what seems logical to me doesn’t fit neatly into what’s possible. I’d imagined that when I found myself in this situation I’d move onto the much delayed Nivolumab monotherapy and hope that that would keep things at bay for a while. However, it turns out that if I do that – then it’ll preclude the tiniest possibility of getting a further ipi/Nivolumab re-challenge approved in the future.

So, Andy and I have got until Monday to work out what would be best. I’m lucky in that there are still options but there are also huge constraints based on what will and won’t be approved, what my hospital favours, what the best order to do things is and the fact that there’s no precedent for my situation. It’s not a lot of fun being the data when what you want is answers.


longhairedguineapig.jpg.838x0_q80Clearly going to need a whole portfolio of guinea pig pictures for this blog!

Melanoma – the gift that just keeps on giving!

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