Good news

Happy to report that my latest scan results show that once again, the dastardly tumours remain stable. I had the scan on Monday and was expecting to go and get the results the following Monday but due to the planned tube strike next week I’d emailed my nurse to let her know that I might run late for my appointment. I really didn’t want to receive results over the phone so was hoping to just shift the appointment later in the day but about an hour after I sent the email – my nurse called. Thankfully she quickly told me that the CT report was good but it didn’t stop that horrible rush of fear that came when I realised who the call was from. So, although I didn’t get the results the way I wanted them, I couldn’t be more pleased with them!

Like all scans this one came with it’s own specific set of anxieties. Timing-wise it’s a year since I started my second round of ipi/nivoluamb and so 9 months since my last treatment. Last time round the treatment I had kept everything ticking along for 10 months between finishing treatment and progression so I’m fast approaching that milestone and it’d be a lie to say that that isn’t a worry for me. I guess that each scan I have takes me further away from my last ipi/nivo infusion and so each one will seem a little more scary as my situation will inevitably feel a little more precarious.

However, that’s not today’s worry. Today is a happy day and not only am I hugely relieved that everything is still stable it’s also really lovely not to have the fear hanging over me this weekend as I’d expected. Instead I can continue planning and baking for my pop-up shop next weekend. I can start making some plans for half-term with the boys….. I could possibly even look ahead to Easter as I don’t think I’m due to have another scan until the end of April.

Good news

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