… another scan and another massive wave of relief. Twenty-two months after being told the cancer had spread and I should be thinking months not years, three and a half months since having to stop treatment because of side-effects and the scan showed that once again everything is reassuringly stable. The tumours have never disappeared, instead they’ve shrunk hugely and I hope that they’re more like scars or husks than anything more sinister….but science and biology really never was my area of expertise!

As has been the case at previous scans I feel like it takes a while for the good news to sink in. I never jump for joy when I hear the news but I felt totally different waking up this morning to how I felt yesterday morning. It probably didn’t help that my pre-scan dreams were all about a mysterious faceless person trying to kill me and when that delightful episode finished I dreamed about people putting cannulas in my arms – it doesn’t take much to decipher what was going on there! This morning I woke up happy and as if a massive weight had been lifted. It helps that we booked a holiday the moment we got home yesterday. So in a couple of weeks we’re off to a beautiful looking villa in Turkey. I cannot wait.


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