Timehop and Denial!

I have a lovely little app on my phone called Timehop that can show me what pictures and comments I posted on social media for that day a year ago, two years ago etc. Most of the time I find sweet pictures of my boys doing a selection of silly things which amuses me and keeps them amused too or, as I ran a baking business for several years there are lots of tweets about the amount I’m baking with pictures of greats piles of brownies and florentines etc. However I’ve been a little taken by surprise by some of my recent posts as they show that at various points things were not quite as I remembered them. The tweets and posts throughout May, June, July 2013 show that I was still busy, still baking but battling against a degree of tiredness and lethargy that I simply hadn’t acknowledged at the time or remembered properly since. I remember that my back was giving me trouble but I had forgotten how tired I was and the timehop posts have reminded me. I was slightly horrified when I received baking orders as all I wanted to do was lie down… It’s very odd looking back and seeing it there but I realise that there was clearly an awful lot of denial going on. I do remember at the time that I was hoping there would be a simple explanation for the back pain but I think I dismissed the tiredness – just put it down to working hard. It’s only looking back now that I realise how wrong it was. I’m in a good place at the moment have what I consider to be pretty normal energy levels and it’s such a stark contrast to two years ago. I feel quite sad looking back as it makes me realise how desperately I tried to ignore what was blindingly obvious. My timehop today took me by surprise. Alongside some very silly pictures of Max from his sports day two years ago there was also the following FB post from four years ago: – Image-1 It’s so odd to see this and realise that I’d let yesterday slip by without thinking about the date and remembering the significance but still perhaps it had contributed to the slight melancholy that overtook me in the evening. Pre-scan nerves certainly account for most of the stress but I wonder whether sometimes those significant dates sneak in to your subconscious. I was able to click on the post and see the comments that people have left – my favourite was from my very silly husband – “This is the first I’ve heard about this. Would someone mind telling me what the bloody hell is going on?!” – made me laugh then, made me laugh again today. Always good to be reminded that even when things are pretty rotten – it’s always good to laugh. Image-1[1]

Timehop and Denial!

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